Adaptable Flat Mop Kit, 19.5 X 5.5 Blue Microfiber Head, 48" To 72" Yellow Aluminum Handle


The Adaptable Flat Mop system allows for ergonomic microfiber mopping with your existing Rubbermaid mop bucket. Frame does not require adjustment to alternate between two different mopping functions. Strong black tabs connect to frame via red clips to hold mop pad on during rinsing and wringing. Tab function combines powerful microfiber mopping with your trusted WaveBrake bucket. Pocket function allows for simple microfiber mopping with your spray mop handle. Secure pockets allow frame to easily slip in and out of mop pad, and hold frame in place while mopping. Mop pads are made of high-quality polyester/nylon split microfiber and can be laundered up to 200 times (100 times with bleach) and last 6X longer than Rubbermaid large cotton string mops. Microfiber pad removes 99.7% or more of tested viruses (Feline Calicivirus a surrogate for Norovirus) and bacteria (MRSA, Pseudo, C.diff) with water only to help improve cleaning efficacy. The Adaptable Flat Mop Kit includes one Adaptable Flat Mop Frame, two Adaptable Flat Mop Pads (blue), one Wringer Insert, and one Quick-Connect handle.

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