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Oil-Flo 141 dissolves hard-to- clean glues, adhesives, polyurethane, residues, organic stains, mastic, bitumen, and other petro-substances. Three step process: 1. Apply ? 2. Agitate ? 3. Rinse. This amazing cleaner quickly removes adhesives of all types ? including multipurpose, baseboard, parquet, latex and all asphalt types; it emulsifies the problem then bonds completely to water for a residue free rinse ? Works every time! Dissolves grease, oil, wax, urethane, adhesives, creosote, resin, gums, crayons, tree pitch, tire marks, lipstick and other difficult materials. Safely works on all surfaces, won?t harm carpet, fabrics, concrete, wood, metal, stone, glass, masonry, and ceramics. 100% water- soluble. Recommended for interior applications such as flooring removal, adhesive removal, flooring installation, carpet cleaning, vehicles, and much more. Benefits include a pleasant low odor, a high flashpoint (over 141? F) and biodegradability. Also, USDA approved for all food prep areas.

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