Odorcide 210 - Cigarette Smoke Odor Remover - Concentrate - 1 Gallon 210CSG

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Quick Overview: THE ONE THAT WORKS – Cigarette Smoke - Permanently eliminates, NOT masks, malodors. Immediate results. No dwell time. Covers the complete range of odors caused by animal, human urine; feces, emesis, male cat spray, decaying organic matter, mold and mildew. Features: Different Odor Destroying Technology: Bonding (chemisorption), counteraction, absorption. No problematic enzymes, bacteria, oxidizers, olfactory desensitizers. Inhibitors and residuals which prevent new odors from old and new deposits. Safe: Nontoxic, Nonirritating and Nonflammable Can be used on wool (does not break down wool fibers) Non-staining, Nonionic and Non-carcinogenic Biodegradable, Water Based, (6.8 pH when diluted) Noncorrosive Economical: Indefinite shelf life in all forms. Concentrates are extremely economical. Compatible: With germicides, unlike any enzyme bacteria based products. Works with all detergents. Ingredients: Odorcide 210 is a complex blend of safe, biodegradable ingredients that fall within the following: - monohydric and oxidized hydroxy-containing organic compounds. - condensation products or organic salts and hydroxyl-containing organic compounds. - natural plant oils - deionized water Locating Odor Source: Frequently, noting the surface stain is sufficient. However, a black light or a probe that detects urine salts can be useful. Use the rule of thumb that urine migrates laterally about 50% beyond the stain area, as well as penetrating deeply – often through backing, padding and into the flooring. When urine is first deposited it is nearly odorless. It then decays to give off AMINES and MERCAPTANS – the malodors ODORCIDE 210 addresses. Make certain the carpet is dry. Wet or damp fibers do not absorb ODORCIDE 210 to the proper depth. Vacuum up dried debris, dirt. DO NOT clean before deodorizing. While ODORCIDE 210 works with detergents, cleaning a carpet spreads out and deepens the odor source.

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