Biodrain Grease And Waste Digester, Floral Scent, 32 Oz Bottle, 12/carton


Grease & Waste Digester is a ready-to-use formula that uses to break up grease, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and soap scum. Uses eight strains of nonpathogenic bacterial spores. This exclusive blend of bioengineered bacteria has the ability to withstand hot water temperatures up to 200°F. Waste digester is resistant to chlorinated products, disinfectants, bleach and acidic or alkaline conditions. It's a natural alternative to using caustics, acids or solvents, and contains no caustics, acids, solvents or free enzymes. Certified free of gram-negative bacteria. Odor counteractants neutralize foul odors. Improved low pH activity and biosurfactant production. It also helps to reduce grease trap pumping and enhances naturally occurring bacterial strains.

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