Glass Gleam Solar - Solar Panel Cleaner - Highly Concentrated - 1 Gallon Makes 500 Gallons of RTU Product

Size: 1 Gallon
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Glass Gleam? Solar is a state-of- the-art liquid additive to water, designed specifically for cleaning solar panels. Glass Gleam Solar contains a high-tech detergent system which allows for improved cleaning and degreasing of the panels, and will stay wet longer on hot or windy days. Glass Gleam-Solar will restore photo-voltaic efficiency to 100% and keep it there longer. Panels will sparkle and shine. GG-Solar contains a hardwater softener (calcium destroyer) that allows for the panel to be rinsed or squeegeed, and will leave no residues or calcium spots or deposits behind. Other features include low fragrance, optimized foam level, kind to your hands, and an orange color indicator. High-tech polymeric water softeners condition the water to greatly reduce dirt re-deposition. This feature alone makes Glass Gleam Solar highly desirable in areas of hard water. Contains no alcohol, phenols, or ammonia, so it will not void solar panel warranties. Certified by Green Earth Technologies as a green product, safe to the environment. When mixed to our suggested ratio, is nearly 98% water in solution. Concentrated, one gallon will make over 500 gallons of solar panel cleaning solution.

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