CTI - Pro's Choice - Molecular Modifier - Carpet Cleaning - Organic Odors and Stains - 1 Gallon - 2030

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Pro's Choice Molecular Modifier*1 Gallon* Quick Overview: Pro's Choice "Molecular Modifier" is a maximum performance biochemical. You must use "Molecular Modifier" before you can understand its superiority over all other odor control products. A wide variety of enzyme families are blended to give you the most advanced odor controlling product on the market. Features: Molecular Modifier is a formulation of cleaning agents, bacterial cultures, enzymes, and odor modifiers which break down the molecular structures of odor causing substances and stains. Removes most odors and stains caused by urine, vomit, feces, blood, mildew, decaying food, and other organic matter. Directions: Agitate, or stir before use. Saturate contaminated area with sufficient Molecular Modifier to penetrate all contamination which might have soaked into carpet, backing, and pad. An injection needle can be helpful to reach sub-surface contamination. Allow treated area to dry completely. maximum effects of treatment may not be realized for up to 14 days. After sufficient dwell time, hot water extraction cleaning is strongly recommended as residual product may attract soil.

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