CorrosionX Lubricant/Penetrant, 5 Gallon Container (94005)

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CorrosionX(R) is the most useful and versatile product of its kind. Use CorrosionX(R) to eliminate corrosion and protect all metal surfaces of your boat, trailer and dockside equipment. Especially recommended for brightwork (keeps stainless from pimpling), hatches, powerheads, antenna bases, hinges and latches. CorrosionX(R) is also the best lubricant you can use for maritime applications. It does not attract dust, outperforms lubricants fortified with Teflon* (PTFE), and due to it's unique polar bonding technology, CorrosionX(R) repels water, and doesn't dissipate quickly or wash off in harsh saltwater environments. Use CorrosionX(R) on throttle cables, steering mechanisms, seat swivels, locks, travelers, winches, pulleys, furling systems, tracks and on any other gear that would benefit from lubrication. Due to its extraordinary dielectric properties, CorrosionX(R) should be applied to all battery terminals, terminal strips, ignition switches, electrical connectors, circuit breakers, fuse holders, light switches, light sockets, electrical plugs, blower motors and fans to protect them from corrosion, extend their life and keep them working reliably. STOPS AND PREVENTS CORROSION AND RUSTUse CorrosionX(R) where you want corrosion control without a messy wax coating. A light spray of CorrosionX(R) on power heads, generator sets and engines two or three times a year will keep them looking like new -- even in saltwater conditions.A MULTI-FUNCTIONAL PRODUCTIn addition to its corrosion fighting properties, CorrosionX(R) is also a super lubricant and penetrant. It lubricates under heavy loads and high temperatures. Use it on sheaves, hinges, locks, cables/wire ropes, windlasses or other rotating devices. It is ideal for fishing reels and guns. And, CorrosionX(R) penetrates like nothing you've ever used. Corroded or rusted nuts, bolts or fittings can usually be removed in just a few minutes.NOT HARMFUL TO THE ENVIRONMENT

  • CorrosionX Lubricant/Penetrant, 5 Gallon Container (94005)

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