Corrosion Technologies 79008 Hammerhead 1 quart bottle

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Hammerhead Waste Digester / Odor Eliminator contains a powerful blend of more than 5 billion ravenous waste-eating bacteria and enzymes per oz., and is formulated with a proprietary odor control technology. This breakthrough in odor control has been scientifically proven to instantly eliminate odors Ð even in high heat conditions over 120¡F. As a highly concentrated Ôbio-activeÕ product, Hammerhead will quickly and effectively break down waste, toilet paper, grease and soap scum in both gray and black water tanks. A completely safe, natural and biodegradable formulation with proven benefits to septic systems and sewage treatment facilities, Hammerhead is much preferred over products containing formaldehyde and other chemical-based treatments by dump stations, portable toilets, marinas, and the environment when pumping overboard.

  • Eliminates even powerful odors in seconds
  • More than 5 Billion waste-eating bacteria and enzymes per oz.
  • Great for marine heads, portable toilets, septic tanks, RV and aircraft lavatories
  • 2 oz. will effectively treat a 40-gallon gray or black water tank
  • 1 quart treats a 1,500 gallon septic system

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