Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Tough Stain Remover, 24 Oz Bottle, 12/carton


Easily tackle your toughest rust, calcium and lime stains with Clorox™ Toilet Bowl Cleaner Lime & Rust Destroyer. This non-abrasive toilet bowl cleaner removes dirt and grime, destroying 99.9% of bacteria with a powerful clinging non-bleach formula. The uniquely angled dispensing nozzle makes it easy to target hard to reach areas under the bowl rim. This Clorox™ Toilet Bowl Cleaner clings to the toilet bowl surface to dissolve hard water stains, and destroy mineral deposits, rust, and lime scale. Keep the dreaded toilet ring away with this powerful non-bleach cleaner, as it deodorizes and powers through the toughest toilet stains. Get your toilet squeaky clean with Clorox™ Toilet Bowl Cleaner Lime & Rust Destroyer.

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